Is a young culturual

association which was legally

esthablised in March 2010.

The Assoctiation has the following objectives, activities and

interests: in the fields of theatre, film, music, dance, literature,

photography, painting, sculpture, organizing events, shows,

advertisment in the areas of interest of the Association, training

courses in the area of interest of the Association, artistic

management, supporting of folk art and handicraft, art-therapy and social-art.

Asociatia Culturala

The purposes of the Association are:

the promotion of the young talents in the artistic and cultural area;

the creation of the opportunities of expression in art for students;

the promotion and popularization of art and culture;

the promotion of artists who don't take part in an institutionalized sistem;

artistic and cultural diversification;

supporting traditional arts and handicraft;

the access/collaboration/affiliation with other non-profit legal entities from the

country and/or from abroad, in order to accomplish the Association's objectives;

facilitating access to information for the Association's members and other

interested persons regarding studies, research, scholarships, jobs, training courses

or current information;

conducting training courses in the areas of interest of the Association;

editing, support and promotion of works and publications, including publications

edited under the aegis of the Association;

the establishment of some independent theatres which help to a better

development of the Association's activities in the areas of interest.

“Act with Actus”

is a program dedicated for

high school students, founded in 2008.

The younsters participanting in the

program become volunteers of the association,

they participate in theater plays, walk-arts,

international exchanges, other volunteers programs

of the association and many other extracurricular activities.

We also support and encourage the youngster to follow

quality university program all around the world.

In the last 7 years we support more than 20 youngster to

follow classes in university from Scotland, England, Spain,

Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden.

Act With Actus


Every month the association organise a walk-art in order to

promote the art and culture.We organise walk-art in most of the

towns from Transylvania.

Walk-arts Walk-arts Walk-arts

Theatre for children

The shows organized by the Association are presented by professional

actors with experience in working with children.

The shows are interactive, allowing children to intervene directly in

solving the problems appeared in the play.

The text of the plays are written by the members of our

Association,contain educational topics, and are inspired by

everyday activities and regular kindergarten teachers conducted.

Music is exhilarating performances, easily comprehensible, not having

intricate harmonies that can not be perceived by children.

All the music is composed specifically for each show individually

by professional musicians from the Association.

Theatre for children Theatre for children
Happy Dramatikus

Happy Dramatikus

Happy Dramatikus is a program dedicated to kids

between the age of 2 and 12. Using the tehniques of

Therapeutical Theatre and Dramatherapy we work on

personal development of the kids.

We have more than 700 kids in the program at this

moment from most of the schools and kindergardens

from our town.

Summer camps

Every summer the association organizes several

summer camps for diferent age ranges

and programs together with our partners.

Summer camps Summer camps

“From angel to angel”

It’s a program of the association wich take place in every December when

our kids from Happy Dramatikus donates their clothes, toys and

shoes that they don’t use it any more.

From angel to angel From angel to angel From angel to angel

Art-therapy for kids with tuberculosis

It’s a program of the association, wich take place in the Pneumology

Hospital from our town. We work with different therapeutical method as

theatre game, hand-made art, drawing and painting, etc.

We also organise parties and celebrations of important days during the year,

as Easter, Christmas, Halloween.

Art-therapy for kids with tuberculosis Art-therapy for kids with tuberculosis


Our association has a large number of volunteers

who activates on a wide area of interest. Our

volunteers offer a “hand” to other organisation in

our town as: National Theatre, Save the Children

Organisation, Antidrug

National Agency etc.

International exchange

Our association has participated during his existence at several youth exchanges and

trainings. In every case we have been a very trustfull and helpfull partner.

International Exchange

We are from this beatiful Transilvanian town.


Târgu Mureș, Marosvásárhely,

Neumarkt am Mieresch

Târgu Mureș


0754.951.645- Pop Irimie